Thursday, August 25, 2016

Git Hard Reset to a branch

In the case where work on a branch is not needed and you just want to reset the branch or hard reset to another branch, use the following command:

git reset --hard origin/your_branch

Note: this will over write any existing changes in the branch you're working on.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

AWS Simple Bootstrap Linux Web Server with Website

Bootstrapping in AWS enables developers and admins to pre-configure how a resource should be setup.  This short bash script can be added to the Advanced Configuration section of a Linux web server launch.

The bash script will do the following:

1. Install the Apache web server
2. Update the server
3. Copy the web site files from an S3 bucket
4. Start the web server

Bash Script:

yum install httpd -y
yum update -y
aws s3 cp s3://YOURBUCKETNAMEHERE/index.html /var/www/html/
service httpd start
chkconfig httpd on

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

GitHub - Basic Version control using Pull, Commit, and Push from the console

This is a simple procedure for updating a Git repository. This works well for an individual developer working from a couple different environments.

1. Pull current version of branch:
git pull
2. Make changes to project files 3. See a list of changed files:
git diff --stat
4. Commit all changes to local copy of branch:
git commit -a
5. Finally, push changes to branch:
git push
That's it!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Linux - Download File(s) firom the Internet

Download files on Linux from the internet using the following command:
wget [OPTION]... [URL]...
I've been working to install a SSH web client on my Amazon Linux AMI instance. This client from GateOne seems like a good option. I created a new directory called 'sshclient'. Then inside that directory I ran the code:
That downloaded the file to the directory where I could then unzip it for installation. Other options for 'wget' include:

-O, --output-document=FILE    used to specify the output file
User credentials can also be passed for http and ftp requests.

Linux - View Files in a Directory

To list files in a Linux directory type:
Other options include:
-R, --show files recursively

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Building a Public Profile - Bringing it Together

Before I started the blog, I worked with Mark Heitke to line up the right social media sites to make up my public profile.  I initially wanted to have a single web site built using iWeb and then pay a hosting provider to publish the site, but then I learned that I could create a web presence for free and likely reach more people.
I settled in on the following 5 free web and social media sites to create my public profile.
  1. (my page)
  2. blogger
  3. twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Facebook

Home Page would be the elevator speech and front door to my public profile. has a simple one page concept where you can select your own background image and color scheme.  Then you write a couple words, sentences, or paragraphs about yourself.  Because I'm creating a professional profile, I choose to write just a couple short paragraphs highlighting my professional capabilities.  From you can easily add just the social media sites that you use and a couple extra hyperlinks to other specific sites.  I added buttons for blogger, twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  I also added a couple links to our corporate website and flagship product, Capriccio Fuzion, website.  I'd like to put a professionally photographed bust as my background image, but for now I have one of my favorite family photos from our winter vacation at Massanutten from a couple years ago.


Onto my blog site.  I still want to be able to update my public profile from any internet device, so I decided to choose between available free blog websites.  There are many available, but I settled on blogger from Google.  Blogger's UI comes with a wide assortment of out-of-the-box themes to choose from.  After you apply your theme, you customize and tweak as much as you want, including full control of the page html.  Blogs can be written and edited right from the blogger web interface. Blog posts can be drafted online and choose when to publish either by clicking the publish button or by scheduling the blog to publish on its own.  I find this to be a great feature, because I can draft and edit my upcoming articles and then schedule them to post based on my blog plan.
In addition to having a site for posting my professional writings, Blogger allows you to easily add Google AdSense advertisements to the blog.  Perhaps after a couple years I'll make a couple dollars and in small way justify the toil of publishing my thoughts to the World Wide Web.


LinkedIn is clearly the dominating professional social media site.  It allows you to share your full work experience, education, and skill sets.  You can interact with professional contacts and search for others by location or desired skill sets.


I don't pretend to understand the power of twitter yet, but I do like that I can keep track of people that I would not normally be 'friends' with on Facebook.  Twitter enables you to post very brief comments into the global stream.  I currently have a meager following of 15 people, and I only follow 15 people, but I've been told that I need to post into the twitter stream a couple times a day.  It is a good way, and maybe the only way without paying advertising dollars, to drive traffic to my blog site.


Finally, my public/personal web site allows me to share personal info with family and friends.  I try to limit the number of professional contacts on Facebook, simply because a lot of my family's personal events end up on Facebook.  I try to live in a glass house, but I also like to be able to draw a line between my thug personal life, and my white collar professional life.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mission Statement

My new sister-in-law (@samsobieck) encouraged me to kick off this blog with a mission statement.  The mission statement will help me focus, at least initially, on a set of topics and a schedule.  Maybe its natural, but I feel this weight of nervousness of not being able to write consistently.  I hope with a simple focus and unaggressive schedule, I can keep on top of the writing!

Having said that, my focus is going to be on business, tech, and security and how they merge from the perspective of a first-time technology executive.  I expect some posts will be from personal experience while others will be reviews of products or processes.
In the summer of 2011, I was appointed Chief Information Officer (CIO) of our small business, Capriccio Software, Inc.  I am new to the role, but feel its in my comfort zone.  After working for a handful of large and small organizations over the past 10 years, I have learned to have a systems view and to value the business side of IT, not just the technology itself.  Hopefully this is a good starting point for a budding CIO.
Writing code is my passion and my main work, so I'll probably get geeky and in the weeds of the technologies, maybe even some code tutorials.

Here's to 2012!